My Good Client teams up with your solutions.

Great upsell for emails and phone numbers lists, FB fans and friends. Enriches customers’ content thanks to personalized landings.

How it works

Detailed Partners’ Program Benefits

The perfect portfolio fit for Agencies and System Integrators.

Benefits for your customers, first.

Better digital reputation, customer retention and growth, insights and easy-to-get CRM info.

What to expect from us.

Free training, insights and best practices. Local leads and support for Top Clients sales. No investment, no fixed costs, MGC is fully SaaS.

Stand Out in Your Local Market.

Our proprietary tracking solution gives insights on social media and messaging platforms’ effectiveness even on a single category and territory.

All of your clients, one account.

Our centralized dashboard allows you to access all of your clients’ accounts via a single interface.

Let’s get started.

Send us your contacts and we’ll be right back in touch! Your dedicated account up in 1 minute, with free demo for training and sales force support.