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Your most satisfied clients will promote your business among their friends!

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Your Good Clients are different

They’re happy, loyal customers who know you and always share good recommendations to friends. 100 times more powerful than reviews and stars. Discover how to reward them and organically grow your business.


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People you can reach

Sum of your (and your employees’) friends, fans, followers, chat contacts, emails.


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Number of your business advocates!


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Number of friends each Good Client will involve.


New customers

Total number of friends involved by your Good Clients.


Start using trusted marketing.

Improve your Digital Reputation.

Turn happy customers into Business Ambassadors: they will promote your business among their friends.

More Customer Loyalty and Trust.

Grow your business and retain your best customers at the same time.

Your customer base in one place.

Easily organize, enrich and manage your customer data.

Key info about your business.

Find out which media works best for your business: is it Facebook, email, WhatsApp or Google+?

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